Why sponsor
an AFS Forum?

An essential part of the value of this program is derived from the participation of local professionals, who demonstrate that the critical expertise and guidance people need is available within the community.

As an integral part of the business community here, sponsorship of an AFS Forum provides an ideal opportunity for your organization to give back to the people who are your customers/clients. Taking an active role in advancing the community’s financial well-being beyond your own purposes, sponsorship will enhance your brand, increase your visibility, and align you with the goal of delivering value to the underserved.

The AFS Forum is a program of substance that brings life-changing knowledge and support to an underserved population. You can be a part of this impactful process, having a positive influence on the lives of the people in your community. Participation as a sponsor in the Forum will strengthen your ties to the residents, further enhancing your status as both a strong leader and a caring neighborhood partner.

AFS Forum Sponsors
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