What topics are covered, and who are the speakers?

Each Forum, which is free to attend, is designed to reflect the real-life financial issues the members of the community face, and offers expert guidance from within the community to deal with them.

Local financial professionals, including financial planners, lawyers, accountants, will address the financial challenges that many of us will tackle at various points in our lives. The format will foster interaction among the panelists, the moderator, and the audience as they answer a wide variety of questions and tackle topics including but not limited to:

  • What is the first thing a parent should do when a child turns 18?

  • How do you finance education, manage student loan debt?

  • How do you stop the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck?

  • What things should be in place when a couple starts a family?

  • How do you get out of debt and start saving for retirement?

  • When is the right time to collect Social Security?

Achieving Financial Security:

A Community Forum

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