Why should our Chapter hold an AFS Forum?

Millions of Americans have no knowledge of key financial concepts and how to manage their money wisely. The issue is lack of information, not lack of money. Even worse, survey data show that 71% of those who responded to a Harris poll said they were afraid to speak to a financial advisor. One of the main reasons for this fear was they thought they couldn’t afford the advice. We all know the truth is that they will lose more money from lack of professional guidance than they will ever pay in professional fees. This is a message that needs to get out.

The AFS Forum is a great way for us to reach these underserved people in our own communities. It presents us with a tremendous opportunity to have a positive impact on a vast number of people, one community at a time. There is an almost palpable sense of gratitude from the audience, as the message of the program is delivered in an engaging and creative way and attendees realize both the needs they have and how they can be addressed right there within their own community.

“What Attracted You to the Forum?”

In the process of bringing this critical information to people who need it, you will also be building the FSP brand, not just among those underserved individuals, but also among the professionals who participate as speakers and even the businesses you approach for sponsorship. The Forum is a powerful vehicle for delivering FSP’s mission and core values to multiple audiences in your local area.

The Issues Are Universal

The program generates a unique energy, and a powerful dynamic is created when a panel of experts from various specialties talks about issues the attendees confront every day. The value of a team of advisors is reinforced, and the interactive format makes sure the focus stays squarely on the attendees’ issues.

The Value of a Team of Advisors

Since the launch of this initiative in 2015, we have continuously refined the program and added many resources to make it easier for you to implement. A template program/agenda is available, and it is customizable for your community’s needs. Or, you are free to craft your own program. Either way you have the support of FSP leadership and the assistance of national staff.

Achieving Financial Security:

A Community Forum

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